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Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

Imagine a machine that can help you lose an average of 3.5 combined inches in one 32 minute treatment. A few months ago my wife, Barb, and I went to try a newly FDA approved body sculpting device called UltraSlim. The results with just one treatment were amazing. I lost 2 1/8 combined inches and Barb lost 2 1/4 combined inches. This new technology is the real deal and we are happy to announce we will be bringing it to Springfield in the very near future. See the amazing results people have had literally reshaping their bodies at

After the treatment we ate lunch. I had a beer, not suggested after an UltraSlim treatment, and our meal was not overly large. When we got back to the place we were staying I was so sleepy that I took a four hour nap while Barb was so energized she explored our resort and the adjacent beach for hours. Her energy surge lasted for a few days but did not keep her from sleeping while I woke up the next morning full of energy from my rest. I can only assume that the treatment and the beer taxed my liver and made me tired. Barb’s energy may have come from all the fuel that was released from her fat cells. In any event I believe that patients will have experiences that are variable and will depend on their health at the time of the treatment.

At UltraSlim of Springfield helping our patients with weight loss and fat loss is something that our practice has been doing for a long time. We have several modalities to help you attain your health goals.

TurboSonic: helps people exercise more easily and clear their slow lymphatic systems.

Massage: for de-stress, relaxation and lymphatic drainage.

Far-infrared sauna: helps patients detoxify and help with their cardiovascular health.

Loomis Enzyme Therapy: corrects digestive issues and supports major organs like the liver, stomach and gall bladder to name a few.

doTERRA essential oils

Slim & Sassy program: helps people suppress appetite, cleans the liver and provide quality nutrition with meal replacement and greens shakes. The program was set up by a chiropractor and very closely resembles what we have been advising for years.

We believe the fast results given with the UltraSlim will help motivate people to stay on an appropriate diet and exercise program. It can also help those that are currently dieting and exercising but still need to lose some fat in those problem areas. We at Perfect Health look forward to helping the Springfield community look and feel their best.

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